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Redesign Services from Welcome Home

Redesign is simply taking what you already have, and reconfiguring those items within the same room, or a different room, with incredible results. It's the perfect solution for those that have older items stored away, not used, or items simply "taking up space".

The Redesign Process

First, we take a tour of your house, from top to bottom. Show us everything, even that corner of the basement that you just "put stuff in". Then, leave. Go get a latte. Take a long walk. But take your cell phone. Because we'll call you when we're ready.

Change It Up

That old photo of your great uncle Henry? That's coming out of the basement and going in the family room. So is that old key collection that you haven't touched in years. Those old textbooks from college? Those are going in the family room, along with that lamp from 20 years ago. And, guess what? You're going to LOVE the look we make with them!

Color and Texture

Add a subtle touch of a new border that brings in the colors that we've moved into your redesigned room. Then we match it up with some soft treatments such as pillows, a cornice, or a window treatment.

Comfortable, affordable, creative room redesign is our specialty!

Something Old Is Something New

Welcome Home to a new room! Add some new color, a few new accessories to complete the touch, and your family, bedroom, dining room, or office is completely different with a familiar touch.

That's Room Redesign from Welcome Home!


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What Is Room Redesign?

Very simply, room redesign is taking what you already have or own, and reconfiguring or rearranging it to create an entirely new and different space. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to redecorate your home or commercial space.

And when you combine redesign with new room colors, the difference is not just noticeable, but dramatic!

One of the most important aspects of room redesign is correct furniture and furnishings placement. This is so often overlooked by homeowners. The correct placement of a piece of furniture in the right room can add excitement, comfort, and warmth. Add to this the proper placement of those "found" items that are in storage, or accessories that are simply taking up space instead of enhancing the space they are in, and you have a wonderful combination that invites, creates interest, and enlivens your living or work space.

Add to this special treatments in the form of a new color, a new lighting fixture, wallpaper, a border or special fabric, and you now have a "place", not just a "space".

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