Interior Decorating

Interior decorating is a specialization at Welcome Home.

More than simply lining a shelf with objects, successful interior decorating first requires a familiarity with our client. We like to get to know you, your hobbies and special interests.

If it is a commercial business, we want to know more about the business itself, the style, if you will, of that company and the people who work there.

We look at the rooms that each person uses, from the bedrooms to the bath, the family room to the
at-home or commercial office space.

Finally, we look at color. Whether you are looking for an updated color scheme or if you are comfortable with the colors you already have, Welcome Home incorporates our decorative designs with the colors you want to use.

Then we go to work using materials you may already have on hand, or incorporating updated materials and items to turn your space into your personal pleasure.


"I have been providing staging services through Welcome Home to all my sellers as part of my listing services and both myself and my sellers are always so pleased with Becky's transformations!  She can see through a buyers eye and knows just what to do to get my homes sold!  Becky's creative eye and wonderful customer service is why I will continue use her for my staging needs. Thanks Becky for all your hard work!"

Dawn Levandoski
Coldwell Banker River Valley Realtors

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Decorative Designs from Welcome Home

Living Room Accents and Soft Treatments

Ideally your living room is where people and families come together. Welcome Home can create a space for intimate conversations and for casual or formal gatherings. Accents can be used to create interest and draw attention to certain parts of the room and away from others. Soft treatments such as pillows and throws can be used to soften, yet highlight, the room and its colors.

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Kitchen Color and Accessories

Everybody eventually comes to the kitchen! And what better way to show your style and panache than with color and accessories to match and enhance this very special part of your home. We accessorize with objects of interest that work with the colors of this important space. Color selection and lighting is critical as this is a workspace and a gathering place, and needs to serve both purposes.

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Redesigning With What You Already Own

Welcome Home is a specialist in decorating on a budget. And Room Redesign is one of the least expensive and wonderful way to renew and refresh your living spaces.

Welcome Home will use what you already own to redecorate. Whether it's old family pictures, antiques, some forgotten books or an interesting lamp, we can reinvigorate your surroundings with items and materials you already have.

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If there is one, inexpensive, but extraordinary way to change one room or a whole house, it is to paint.

There are over 10 million colors that the human eye can discern. Which one is right for you?

Welcome Home is the color expert when it comes to choosing just the right color for just the right space.

We consider the size of the room, what it is used for, the light and lighting available, and the accessories and materials that are already in place or planned.

The result is a room renewal for the price of a gallon or two of paint! We'll even do the painting for you!

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Every great project starts with a plan.

From fabric to paint, color to arrangement, we will present a plan designed just for you, for your home, or for your commercial space

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Shopping Resources

Welcome Home has a variety of shopping sources we use to accessorize and decorate.

We understand that everyone needs to stay within a budget, and we have the resources and resourcefulness to make your home beautiful, reasonably. Shopping services we provide include:

  • Seasonal & Special Event Shopping
  • Floral Shopping
  • Fabric and Accessory Shopping
  • Carpet, Flooring and Window Treatments

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