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Color It, with Welcome Home

First Things First

The very best and brightest way to change up your home or office space is through the use of color. It's amazing what a $28 gallon of paint, a paintbrush and a roller can do for a room! For the budget conscious, this is the first and best way to go about creating a whole new look for your home or office.

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color swatches Color Choices

Experts say that the human eye can distinguish up to 10 million different colors. The typical paint chip fan has hundreds of colors to choose from. But when it comes to your living room, family room or conference room, which color is going to be THE color for you? That's the beauty of working with Welcome Home.

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Color from Welcome HomeWorking With What You Have

One of the first things we do at Welcome Home is we take a good long look at what you already have in the room. What colors are predominant? What are the secondary colors? What colors might match the mood of the area, and what it is used for? The result should be . . . perfect!

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Color Consultaton from Welcome HomeAnything Is Possible

With the right mix of color, along with accessories or soft treatments you might already have or ones that our decorating plan calls for, Welcome Home transforms a tired or outdated space into a place that welcomes, invites, and inspires.

That's a colorful finish, from Welcome Home!

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Color Treatments and Performance
from Welcome Home

Color and Accessories from Welcome Home, La Crosse

When it comes to color, almost every person would agree that the choices and final selection are confusing, and quite stressful. Welcome Home takes the stress out of the decision by applying our experience to create something you, your family, or your company will enjoy for years to come.

We say that we have "an eye for design and a vision to create." That is especially true when it comes to the color concepts for your room, home, or office.

And best of all, we don't just "suggest", we "perform". We provide the actual "hands-on" work to create what we've suggested, to give you the final product, from consult to final finish.

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